A Historical Regency Romance Novel

“A lady searching for a love match. A marquess sworn to remain a bachelor. And an overprotective brother trying to keep them apart..”

Lady Isabella always dreamed of marrying for love. Her older brother, though, adamant on finding her a suitable match as quickly as possible, has different thoughts on the matter. And the only man who has piqued her interest, is the one man her brother will not allow near her: his own best friend.

Not being able to dispel the rumors spreading in his name, the Marquess has decided to embrace them, even though most of them are grossly exaggerated. One of those rumors is true, however. Simon does not plan to take a bride anytime soon. Maybe not ever. Until he meets his pal’s younger sister, and he can’t get her out of his head.

Isabella’s family would never approve of a man with Simon’s reputation. Especially when a powerful duke with a pristine reputation shows up on their doorstep with a proposal. But Simon would do anything to make her his. Even if it means starting a war with anyone that stands in his way…

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