A Historical Regency Romance Novel

A collection of three Regency romances full of mystery, suspense, and love that defies all odds!

The Enigmatic Lady in the Ivory Tower

Torn apart by social status and an evil Marchioness, Gabriel and Diana's lives depend on a letter. A letter from the late Marquess to his second son.

In a Perfect Mess with the Marquess

When Martha falls for her sister's betrothed, they unknowingly expose a map to a secret that two powerful families have been trying to keep buried...

A Siren’s Song to Mend the Wounded Earl

Betting on Alexandra's heart was the worst choice Victor ever made. Now he can only stop her from fleeing the country by surrendering his own life.

Delightful romances, full of emotion, suspense, plot twists and romance! Join the lords and ladies of Regency England in this heartwarming romance collection!

*These are clean, stand-alone romances. Each book in the series is approximately 90.000 words (around 450 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Kindle Price: $0.99

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