A Historical Regency Romance Novel

“Every beauty needs her beast to protect her from everything but him...”

Georgianna has been star- crossed all her life. Having lost her mother at an early age and her brother working with pirates, she is a wallflower among socialites. Attending a ball is the dullest thing on the planet, until she catches sight of a duke unlike any other…

Alexander is back on the social scene, following his father’s death. Despite being used to his own scar by now, the ton is obviously staring and mumbling around him, secretly blaming him for his mother’s death. However, a completely unladylike lady showing interest in him makes him the one mumbling and staring... 

As Georgianna and Alexander spend more time together, sparks start flying. For the first time in their life, they feel hope for the future. But to every new beginning, there is a chance of ruin. And ruin, indeed, comes in a flash of the past…

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